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Wozair is a global specialist in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning).

Objectives: Increase performance, improve service response and provide support 24/7/365.
Background: In 2008 Akita were brought in to improve the IT infrastructure and provide a higher level of support that would extend to their regional offices.
Wozair design and manufacture Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Equipment for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Renewable, Marine, Nuclear and Process Industries.

Akita have worked in partnership with the Wozair management team in the role of IT manager to identify and implement relevant technologies to satisfy the increasing demands as the business grew.

• Migrated away from Small Business Server (SBS) to full versions of Windows server to improve fault tolerance and flexibility.
• Developed and then deployed backup strategies to encompass the ever increasing data volume.
• Migrated to a cloud based Exchange 2010 set up hosted in Akita’s virtual infrastructure to increase reliability and overall security.
• Consulted on and then provisioned a cloud based virtual application server to simplify global accounting operations.

Wozair have benefitted both from Akita’s proactive and responsive IT helpdesk to resolve day to day support issues and have also reaped the results of our experience taken from the variety of other industries into which Akita provide computing services.

Over the course of the partnership between Akita and Wozair, the support requirements have been required to evolve in line with the increasing size of the business and the demands placed on the systems by the users. Not only have Akita engineers had to learn how to support bespoke databases, they have embraced the requirement to provide 24/7 support to cater for the global offices in their different time zones.

The right blend of support package, the implementation of relevant technology and a keen understanding of Wozair’s requirements continue to yield great results, matching the customer requirements for no downtime to match their 24/7/365 commitments.