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IT Apprentice Joins the Akita Team

We were delighted to welcome our newest member of the team last week – Daniel Fleury who has joined as an apprentice IT engineer. We asked Daniel to write a few words to introduce himself and outline his background interest in computers and how he came to explore the apprenticeship route.

“Starting from the end of primary school, when my household got our very first computer, I have been intrigued as to what it can do. Independently, I have been working on computers for quite a while now, dealing with any issues which arise with the computer, and making sure the software/hardware is kept up to date to make using the computer as smooth as possible.

I have always been a technical person; I originally had an interest in Law, and the technicalities which that area brings, but after studying it for a long time and gaining work experience with a prestigious law firm, I regrettably decided it wasn’t really for me.

Riding motorcycles is my biggest hobby, but unfortunately I had an accident 3 months ago caused by a brake malfunction on the bike, leading to me breaking my leg and the bike being a complete write off. While I was off my leg, I found a resurfaced hobby for working with computers.

I had been given the all-clear to go back to work from the GP, so I started applying for apprenticeships to gain more experience and knowledge in a different industry to Law.

I was approached by IT Skills Management about a IT company looking for an apprentice. It was ideal for me because working with computer is still an ever-expanding and changing area, with different learning sectors within the industry. It was a nerve-wracking process as I had to first complete a ‘research application form,’ which seemed quite daunting as it had asked a question which I knew relatively nothing about. I then had to participate in a telephone interview with firstly IT Skills Management, then Akita themselves.

I am now into my second week of the apprenticeship, and I am really enjoying myself here. Although I have been here for a very short while, I have already learned a lot and getting on with the engineers and admin team is really easy as they’re all approachable and if I have any questions, they’re mostly happy to answer them.”

The team at Akita are delighted to welcome Daniel into the company and we are sure that he will be a valuable asset, both now and in the future. His technical knowledge will grow over time, particular as he gains exposure to new technology, and his positive attitude and solid customer-service skills will stand him in great stead for his career with Akita.