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Save the Children – Christmas Jumper Day

The team at Akita, or at least those in the office today, are enjoying a particularly festive day as part of Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day campaign.

As well as sporting some fine, and not so fine attire, the team have been spoiled with a selection of festive treats and plenty of home-made gingerbread men (at least some of them look like men, others are decidedly misshapen!).

Below you can see many of the team wearing a selection of fine (and not so fine) Christmas jumpers. But who has the snazziest knitwear you may wonder? Is it Sean pudding, Charley’s penguin, Megan’s gingerbread man, Ben’s snowman, Richard’s festive Darth Vader, Gareth’s (actually let’s not draw attention to that), or Sion’s tiny elf?

Christmas jumper photo