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Fraudsters using Akita name – be aware

Akita Systems would like to advise existing and potential suppliers that fraudsters are actively trying to illegally obtain goods under our name.

We would like to clarify that the website has absolutely nothing to do with Akita Systems.  Although they have listed our registered address, the trading address and telephone number are in no way associated with Akita.

This only came to light when we received a phone call earlier today from an electronics supplier looking to set up a credit account.  It was evident that they had an incorrect address and soon became clear that a third party was attempting to obtain goods under our name, with no intention to paying for these.

Please rest assured that we are taking steps to ensure that appropriate action is taken but we would like to ensure that all suppliers are extra vigilant, especially when deliveries are requested to addresses other than our head offices at Nepicar Park or our London office at Orchard Place.