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Unreliable Electricity Supply?

Having to maintain our own datacentre presence, along with a head office from where our IT support technicians support thousands of users, it is imperative that our disaster recovery and business continuity procedures are robust. Quite simply, as hundreds of organisations rely on Akita to provide hosted solutions and computer support, we cannot afford to be exposed to power failures or similar outages.

With this in mind, over the years we have developed failover systems for our offices which allow us to keep working even in the event of an electricity supply failure (obviously our datacentre in Kent has direct feeds into the grid and multiple back-up power generators).

Although a UPS will provide a degree of protection in the event of disrupted power, these are only designed to be a temporary measure to allow servers and workstations to have work saved and to be safely closed down.

At Akita HQ, we have an automatic back-up generator (as well as multiple UPS’s) which spring into action as soon as our power drops out. This system ensures that our servers, pcs, phones, lighting and security systems continue to work despite our neighbours being literally left in the dark!

Although many companies can afford to take the hit on occasional electrical supply issues, we were recently asked by an existing client to implement a similar system to ensure that their systems and office remain functional in the event of a power outage.

With our experience not just at our offices but also with the datacentre systems, we were able to specify and install a suitable, and low-cost, automatic back-up generator and ancillary systems to meet their existing and future business continuity challenges!