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Buckmore Park & Go Karting

As you may know, a number of the Akita team are ardent go-kart enthusiasts who love nothing more than hurtling around race tracks at up to 70mph with their bottoms inches from the ground!

Akita have two go-kart teams which race in the Club 100 championships. Last year Akita V1 were Champions, meaning that this year the two teams raced in different divisions. Although there were no Championship-winning repeats, both team performed well – finishing 7th out of 31 and 7th out of 38 respectively.

The season has now finished and there will be no competitive karting for the teams until February. However, to show our support for Kent karting, and Buckmore Park in particular, Akita have agreed to sponsor the venue with a trackside boarding to promote our IT support services. Those of you who visit Buckmore Park for pleasure or business will hopefully like what we have created!