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Office 2013 – A Review

Hot on the heels of Microsoft's release of Windows 8 comes it brand-new office software, Office 2013.

Before recommending it to any of our IT support clients, we felt the need to use it ourselves. The general consensus is that it offers a number of improvements and enhancements over its’ predecessor.

Firstly, the interface itself has been enhanced quite significantly it is generally crisp, clean and quick.

In terms of the Word application, one of the features that most impressed us comes from PDF Flow. This gives users the ability to open PDFs as editable files in Word. Adobe may not be best pleased, but for many users this will be a real bonus.

Outlook offers further improvements – firstly caching is significantly more flexible which is good news for IT administrators. A purely aesthetic enhancement comes with the cursor which seems to flow across the screen as you type. Touch typers will notice the different, although this has not real bearing on Office 2013’s overall value to a business.

The feature which most wowed us in Excel is Chart Advisor although there are other additions which power users will almost certainly come to rely on after only a few days use.

A slight downside, which users of recent Office suites should be used to, is generally navigation and finding Tools. As is the case since Office 2007, Microsoft believe that “less is more” and users are expected to spend a little time customizing the appearance of their applications to make it work best for them.

However, all-in-all it is a very good development and Microsoft have managed to enhance the key applications – some with improvements which users will wonder how they previously coped without.

So, whether you are an organisation embracing cloud computing or committed to dedicated servers, we feel that Office 2013 has compelling reasons for you to upgrade. For further details or advice, please contact Akita on 01732 762675.