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Latest News from Akita

Firstly Akita would like to extend a warm welcome to a couple of new clients who have joined us in the past week.

Realia, a full-service marketing agency based in Folkestone, Kent, have selected Akita to provide ongoing IT support.  With both Windows and Mac servers, and a combination of PCs and Mac machines, Realia have chosen Akita due to our extensive experience of similar environments and our ability to provide more proactive and responsive IT support.

Another company joining the Akita ranks is Quick Disposables, a supplier to the food services industry based in Keston, near Orpington.  Quick Disposables are benefiting from Akita’s fully hosted solutions meaning that they will not need their own server and also backup will be automatically dealt with.

In terms of demonstrating how we proactively work with our clients to improve their systems, as part of our system takeover at BWA (based in Bromley, Kent but will offices in Yorkshire) it was noted that their system is overly complicated with two ISA servers used to manage internet connectivity.

BWA were pleased to take on board our recommendations to remove the ISA servers and replace them with a load balancing router with remote mail filtering.  In addition to simplifying their infrastructure and reducing their carbon footprint by no longer running unnecessary machines, the new environment has resulted in a more reliable system with improved performance.