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Support for Your Business – 24/7/365!

Did you know that Akita can provide your company with 24 x 7 IT support 365 days of the year?

Having been established since 1996, Akita have continually improved and enhanced our services to provide the very best solutions for our clients.

Over the past few years, we have seen a rise in those companies needing more computer support out-of-hours. This has been for a multitude of reasons – many operate outside business hours, some are businesses with remote and travelling users in different time zones, whilst others simply find that the pressures of work lead to longer hours and more flexible working patterns.

With this in mind, if your business could benefit from extended IT support, contact the team at Akita to find out how cost-effective it can be. As the systems and procedures for operating a 24 x 7 business are already in place, out-of-hours support can be seamlessly provided to your business at the most competitive rates!