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Recent Upgrades

In order that Akita continue to provide the most reliable, secure and efficient services, we have recently invested into our infrastructure both at our Maidstone datacentre and Sevenoaks head office.

With regard to our datacentre presence, we have a significant amount of equipment in a secure Maidstone datacentre – this provides hosted services such a remote Exchange email, hosted servers, website hosting and remote backup to hundreds of our clients throughout Kent and London.

To ensure that we keep ahead of our competitors in terms of system reliability, we have successfully installed our 3rd generation superfast VMware ESXi host servers at the data centre.

In addition, we have successfully upgraded our firewalls and switching equipment to multiple Cisco ASA5510 Firewalls in active/standby configuration and muliple Cisco Catalyst Gigabit Switches for redundant paths. We are pleased to report that these upgrades went unnoticed by our clients as there was no downtime at all.

Our Sevenoaks head office has also had an upgrade to ensure that our IT support fix times are as quick as possible. Moving away from bonded SDSL connections, we upgraded to a 20MB leased line on a 100MB bearer to ensure that our customers continue to benefit from the very best levels of IT service.