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Windows 8

Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8, is soon to be released and many companies will be wondering whether to upgrade or not.

We have had a good play with the Beta version and, while there are some long-overdue features which will make the administration of the OS far more efficient, the look and feel of it is significantly different from XP and Windows 7. Quite simply, the Metro interface is radically different and will take some getting used to. When one considers the painful learning curve many experienced when upgrading from Office 2003 to 2007, retraining must again be on the agenda for any companies determined to upgrade to Windows 8.

A further consideration comes from Microsoft themselves who have left something of a grey area on the subject of upgrades. It seems that the advice coming from Microsoft is that users currently on XP should only consider an upgrade to Windows 7 instead of going straight to Windows 8. Whilst Microsoft are confident that upgrading from Windows 7 to 8 will be a seamless path for applications and should not impact on hardware, it is not the case with XP users with the leap seemingly too much, too soon.

Microsoft are determined to reduce the number of XP users, with support scheduled to end in April 2014. Our advice is to carefully plan for an upgrade and review the hardware and software currently utilised.

Of course, the choice for those buying new machines may not be so clearcut – although in the short-term machines will likely have the choice of Windows 8 or a Windows 7 downgrade, there is no indication yet as to how long this will be available.

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