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Product of the Week – IT Support

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As an computer services and IT support specialist, we are sometimes guilty of neglecting to tell people about our core areas of specialism. Of course, the computing industry is such a fast-paced and dynamic area to work in, we feel that we need to keep our clients informed of the latest developments and opportunities for them. Hopefully this post will prove useful for those wanting to know more about our support services.

For many companies, IT outsourcing is just about keeping it working. Although upgrades and improvements may be made along the way, the vast majority of organisations have invested in their IT infrastructure (whether a Small Business Server, standalone Microsoft Windows and Exchange Servers, or a hosted solution) and look to IT support companies such as Akita to keep things functioning properly and minimise downtime.

As you would expect, although often things are largely similar amongst clients of certain user bases, requirements do tend to be slightly different from client to client. As a result, our service provision needs to be flexible in order that we can truly meet the needs of the thousands of users we look after.

When we first sit down with a prospective client, we take the time to listen to their needs as well as any computer or service-related issues they encounter. This enables us to gather an understanding of what level of support would best suit them, and this is discussed openly and frankly.

Another important step in us taking on a new client is the completion of a full site survey, following which a report and executive summary is produced. This detailed analysis gives our clients documentation detailing what is in place, highlighting any areas which could be improved along with the strengths and weaknesses of the system.

At this stage, we are ready to provide ongoing support to the client. Typically this would involve providing unlimited telephone and remote support, with any helpdesk issues logged into our helpdesk software to enable us to provide clients with detailed reporting, where required.

Guaranteed Service

All new clients are sent a Service Level Agreement which details the terms and scope of the service provision. This provide a guarantee to all of our clients of the support times we adhere to, so that you are assured of the very best levels of service.

When we receive helpdesk support calls, often these are described to us as not being urgent (and typically a time is arranged to resolve this issue if requested by the user). Where a critical issue has affected a client (and unfortunately they do happen), this is clearly dealt with as a priority and well within the guaranteed levels of service (industry standards are 2 hours for remote support and 4 hours for on-site).


In addition to this, a level of pre-scheduled site days may also be agreed, where your assigned engineer will attend site at pre-agreed times (i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually depending on requirements) to provide a more hands-on approach. This allows us to really keep on top of things and minimises the number of support issues our customers experience. Also, it improves the link with our clients, and provide an ongoing opportunity for low-level user issues to be resolved, or training requirements met.

Why Akita?

Choosing Akita as your IT service provider means that you have a partner that you can truly rely on. We like to be proactive on behalf of our clients and empower them to manage their business, without any unwanted headaches from their IT and computer systems.

So, if you are a business in Kent, Sussex, London, Sevenoaks, Maidstone, Medway, Tonbridge, Chatham, Dartford, Croydon or Tunbridge Wells contact Akita Systems today and find out for yourself why so many companies rely on us to keep them working.