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Flooding on the 3rd Floor

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Although it has been particularly wet of late (well it is the British summer after all!) one of our Central London clients had a nasty surprise last week.

You would probably not expect a London-based company occupying the 3rd floor of a building to be a flood victim. Unfortunately for RSQA, that is precisely what happened to them last week when their offices became unusable due to significant water damage.

Fortunately, they take advantage of our cloud computing solutions. As a result, we were quickly able to ensure that all of their staff were able to seamlessly work from home using hosted email and Windows server.

Although obviously this is quite an exceptional case, our customers do encounter unoperational premises more frequently than one would expect. In terms of ensuring that business can still function appropriately despite such setbacks, from a disaster recovery perspective cloud computing and our hosted solutions ensure that your IT systems really are fully opertional at all times.