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Product of the Week – Hosted Email

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Probably our most popular offering currently is our Hosted Email solution, using Microsoft Exchange 2010. Hosted from our secure and state-of-the-art datacentre, you no longer have to use your own hardware to operate Exchange and you can free up valuable resources, extending the life of your server.

For those using the Exchange feature of Small Business Server, removing this element and hosting it externally will certainly allow your server to work more effectively (and less intensively!) and may well speed up your network as a result.

In addition, as it is delivered as a fully managed solution, you do not have to worry about the security, integrity or delivery of your email again. With a guaranteed service level and predictable monthly costs you can experience significantly lower of cost ownership for your communication requirements.

An added benefit of hosted Exchange is that you have a ready-made disaster recovery solution for your email. With your own Exchange server, should suffer from server issues, loss of broadband, power outage, theft, fire, etc then your emails will grind to a sudden halt. However, with a hosted solution, you are not at the mercy of such possibilities and users will be able to access emails on smartphones, notebooks with 3G cards, home pcs, etc.

Another key feature of our hosted email solution is the fact that it is cleaned for virus and spam is removed before it reaches you. Therefore, significant savings can be made by scaling down existing software used and ignoring anti-spam solutions altogether.

There are many potential providers out there, but we would strongly urge users to ensure that their email is hosted on UK-based server for privacy protection and legal reasons.

Another consideration is mailbox size, the vast majority of providers are very strict at limiting mailbox sizes – Akita‘s hosted Exchange solution has no such constraints and that, along with our local datacentre, competitive prices, fully managed service and a Kent-based team of engineers make our solution one which really does tick all the boxes.

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