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Fancy a 26Tbps broadband connection?

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It sounds ludicrous but researchers in Germany claim to have broken their own record in data transmission. Using a single optical fibre cable, their demonstration sent the equivalent of 200,000 high-resolution images across 50km in one second!

This was achieved by using a single laser to create multiple pulses (frequency combs), which were separated by a wavelength of 12.5GHz, magnified into 325 colour channels (via inverse fast Fourier transform) and sent down the 32 mile cable. At the other end, another transform encoded it back into data.

In terms of future uses, the same technology could one day be used for super-fast transmission of data up to at distances of 65 miles, or even at greater distances with amplification across the fibre length.

For data-intensive cloud computing requirements, this would resolve bandwidth issues once and for all. One caveat would be that you should select a local datacentre for your colocation and hosting requirements (making our datacentre ideal!).